Production and Constraint Updates for 2021 Corvette – March 11

Black trident wheels make a return to 2021 Corvette orders while 2021 Corvette production cutoff date remains in question

Early this morning, Chevrolet dealers received the latest Chevrolet Consensus March 2021 report outlining the latest production and consensus updates for the Chevrolet lineup including the 2021 Corvette.

As per the guide, 2021 Corvette production at the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly plant resumed on Monday, March 8th with production averaging about 176 cars per day.

Constraint Updates

Last week we reported that it appeared that the constraint on black trident wheels was beginning to loosen from the previous report that they would remain on constraint through the month of April.

That appears to no longer be the case.

LPO 5DF Black Trident Accessory Wheel: previously constrained but now live in the VOG and available to order

This is great news as earlier this year, the black trident wheels for the front were plentiful, but it was the rears that were in short supply.  As a result, dealers were receiving just the front wheels with no expected ETA for the rears.  This placed undue stress on some high volume Corvette dealers with arranging shipping and delivery of customer cars without the black trident wheels that were originally ordered.

It also appears the popular high wing spoiler will be making a comeback to the ordering books as well:

LPO 5ZZ/5ZU High Wing Spoiler: targeting return order availability on April 8th

Also mentioned in the document, RPO R8C National Corvette Museum deliveries have increased to 55 deliveries per week.

When will 2021 Corvette production come to an end?

Contrary to what some websites that claim to be an authority on GM are reporting, to this date, GM has not released any official cutoff dates for 2021 Corvette production.  In a recent interview, Chevrolet Corvette & Camaro Product Marketing Manager – Harlan Charles mentioned that Chevrolet was looking at a “late summer” cut-off date.

That could be the end of July, or it could be the end of August.  At this point, it’s anyone’s guess.  Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw 2021 production come to an official end just before the Labor Day holiday weekend with 2022 production starting shortly after.  Just a guesstimate on my part, but we’ll see how this all plays out.

With the constraints on black trident wheels and the high wing spoiler easing up, hopefully, we are seeing the gradual end to this damn pandemic and its horrendous effects on the automotive industry in general.

Fingers crossed!!!

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