Production and Constraint Updates for 2021 Corvette – March 18

Constraints for 2021 Corvette production continue with new constraints on black composite rockers and the visible carbon fiber grill inserts

Remember that old saying: “the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away”?  Well, the same can be said for 2021 Corvette production.

Last week, we announced that the black trident wheels and high wing spoilers were coming off constraint sooner than expected and would make a return to GM’s ordering system next month.

Now, it appears they’ve been replaced with new LPO constraints.

According to the GM’s latest constraint report this morning, RPO RZ9 – Visible Carbon Fiber Grill Insert and RPO STI – Black Composite Rocker panels are now on constraint through the month April.  The reason?  “Supplier Restriction”.

The table of constraints lists a Target Production Period for both LPOs to be April 12th, with 0% National Allocation Quantity.

How does this affect orders?

As of right now, the $550 composite rockers and $2,095 exposed carbon fiber grill inserts are still available to order in GM’s Order Work Bench system and orders can still be configured with these options selected.

As of this week, we’ve still seen the composite rockers and grill inserts arriving at dealers, however the labels now specify that they’re a constrained part.

Starting today through Saturday, Chevy dealers are placing orders with this month’s round of allocation.  Any 2021 Corvette orders that have either of these options selected, cannot be entered into Order Workbench.

Customers who have ordered these options will have the option of either bringing their cars back to their dealer to have them installed if and when they arrive at the dealer, or, customers may try to located them either through a Chevy dealer parts department or online from an aftermarket parts company.

If there’s any light at the end of the tunnel, at least they’re only on constraint – and not completely eliminated from the remainder of 2021 production….and 2021 Corvettes are currently still rolling out of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant.   Ssssssshhhhh…just don’t repeat that too loud!  😉

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