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Popular Baton Rouge Rapper TEC Totals His 2020 Corvette

by Bradan DonaldsonBradan Donaldson
Accelerate Yellow 2020 Corvette owned by Hip Hop artist TEK destroyed

Popular Hip Hop artist TEC from Baton Rouge totaled his 2020 Corvette yesterday that he apparently bought for $120,000

It’s never easy to see a Corvette destroyed in a crash, especially when it’s a C8 Corvette that so many people are still waiting to get their hands on.  Such is the case with this Accelerate Yellow 2020 Corvette owned by TEC, a popular rapper out of Baton Rouge.

According to TEC’s Instagram page, he recently totaled the 2020 Corvette that he reportedly paid $120,000 for back in October of last year.


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A post shared by Luwhop Hussein🕷💣😈 (@tec_)

According to an Instagram post by the rapper last year, he paid $120,000 for it knowing that it was a bad investment because “Every Day this bitch Depreciate got it just to flex with!!”

While details of the accident are nowhere to be found, the Corvette appears to have suffered significant damage to the front-end unlike TEC who hopped on a jet today to attend his next gig.

Hip Hop Artist TEK and his 2020 CorvetteIronically, given the high demand for the C8 Corvette and the extremely low availability due to pandemic-related production issues, it wasn’t a bad investment…had he been able to keep it in one piece.

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