Katech-Powered C7 Corvette Z06 Takes Podiums at LS Fest West

Powered by the Katech Stage 6 C7 E85 Package, Craig Staley and his C7 Corvette Z06  took the late-Model titles for the Drag Race and 3S Challenge at the LS Fest West in Las Vegas in April

From Katech:

Craig’s most recent outing was at LS Fest West in Las Vegas in April. In what was his third time participating (Craig was the Late Model Drag Race winner in 2019), Craig not only took the Late-Model titles for the Drag Race and 3S Challenge, but he finished a mere 15 points away from taking the Grand Champion Trophy (he finished 3rd in this class, respectively).

By themselves, these accomplishments are beyond impressive. What makes them more remarkable is the fact that not only did we de-tune the car from 950rwhp to 870rwhp, but that the rules stated that Craig had to run on his 200TW tires for all of his disciplines. No tire changes allowed.

‘The car performed beyond my expectations.’ said Staley.

About the Build

Some highlights of this C7 Z06 Stage 6 E85 Package include the following (shop with the buttons below):
  • Katech 112mm Throttle Body
  • Billet aluminum throttle body with GM electronics
  • 112mm blade
  • 5-axis CNC-milled inlet
  • Katech 112mm Supercharge Snout
  • This snout works with Katech 112mm or Nick Williams 112mm Throttle Bodies.
  • The Katech 112mm Snout improves airflow into the rotor pack.
  • Katech Billet Valve Covers
  • Lightweight billet construction
  • Clearance for TVS2650 Superchargers
  • Katech-XDI High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • The direct injection fuel-pump that will allow LT1/LT4 engines to achieve more than 2,000 horsepower.

Congratulations Craig!

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