Final Production Numbers for the 2019 Corvette Released

Yesterday, the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant released final production numbers for the 2019 Corvette model year.

A total of 34,822 Corvettes were built for the 2019 model year. That’s a significant jump from the 2018 Corvette production numbers of 9,686. However, the 2018 model year was cut significantly short in order to re-tool the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly line, and integrate updated electronics into the Corvette platform. As a result, GM decided to start 2019 Corvette production nearly 8 months earlier than a normal model year production run.

Looking back at 2017 Corvette Production Numbers which came in at 32,782 for the year, the 2019 model year surpassed 2017 by 2,040 units. The addition of the ZR1 was probably a contributing factor to the increased production numbers for 2019.

It should be noted that 2019 Corvette production has not come to an end as of the date of this writing. The last day of 2019 production is slated to be October 4th – next month. However, given that GM stopped accepting 2019 Corvette orders a while ago – this is the first time we’ve seen them release final production numbers to the public even though production of the model year will continue into next month.

2019 Corvette ZR1 Production Number Variances

What’s interesting is the variation in ZR1 production numbers. We say it’s interesting because according to the 2019 Corvette ZR1 Registry that we have here on the Corvette Action Center – the final build numbers vary from what the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant is reporting. Depending on the option, the difference between the two varies greatly.

2019 Corvette ZR1 with the Sebring Orange Design Package

For example: The Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant is reporting that a total of 114 2019 Corvette ZR1s were ordered with the National Corvette Museum Delivery option (RPO R8C). Every ZR1 in the Registry has a listing of option codes for that particular ZR1 that came from GM. According to the production data in the Registry, a total of 238 ZR1s were built with “R8C – CORVETTE MUSEUM DELIVERY (INCLUDES PERSONALIZED PLAQUE WITH CORVETTE MUSEUM LOGO)”. If you search the Registry for the NCM delivery option, and then select any of the ZR1s, listed, you’ll see that line in the RPO code listing for that car.

We’re not sure why there is such a discrepancy between what the ZR1 Registry lists and what the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant is reporting. All of the ZR1 production numbers in the Registry are based on what the options are for each ZR1 that was built. ZR1 production ended with #2895 being built on 08-05-2019.

If you were one of the few people that ordered the Drivers Series Package that came out earlier this year, you now own a very rare Corvette indeed! Built to honor the four top drivers for the Corvette Racing Team, very few were built compared to the entire 2019 Corvette production run.

Corvette Racing drivers Tommy Milner, Oliver Gavin, Jan Magnussen and Antonio Garcia

Head on over to our 2019 Corvette Tech Center and download a copy of the 2019 Corvette production numbers for yourself.

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