2016 Corvette Ordering Now Complete – Rarest Colors Built?

2017 Corvette Grand Sport in Admiral Blue Metallic

While ordering for 2016 Corvettes is now complete, final production numbers for the 2016 model year haven’t been released yet.

However, according to Chevrolet Corvette Product Marketing Manager Harlan Charles, 221 Stingrays, and 115 Z06s were built in the new Admiral Blue paint for 2016.

“We are allowed up to three color changes per year, so Admiral Blue was our third color change for 2016. This then allowed us three more colors for the 2017 model year.”

Harlan added that by offering the new color at the end of 2016, it helps stagger the new color introductions for the assembly plant work load.

Daytona Sunset Metallic was discontinued in January, so we’re guessing that it will be the second rarest color of the model year.

The final 2016 Corvettes will roll off the line on June 24. The first full day of 2017 Corvette production will begin July 11.

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