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[VIDEO] Gravity Wins as a C6 Corvette Falls Off a Lift

Here's what happens when you improperly mount a Corvette without an engine on a lift. Gravity will always win!

by Bradan DonaldsonBradan Donaldson
This mechanic didn't have a good day after lifting a C6 Corvette without an engine

If you thought you had a bad today, just imagine how this mechanic felt after raising this C6 Corvette on a lift.

This video was taken from a post on Reddit, so we don’t really have any history or context behind it, but just imagine if this mechanic was working underneath the car.

As you can see from the video, the C6 Corvette is missing its engine.  Common sense would tell you that chances are, the back of the car is going to weigh more than the front-end.  As we all know, the laws of gravity always win.

As the rear-end of the car tilts backward and slides on the lift, the front-end comes crashing down and could have nearly killed the mechanic had he been underneath the front of the car.

While we don’t know if this was his car or a customer’s car, if the car belongs to a customer, someone else is going to have a really bad day too.

The mechanic’s reaction is priceless.  “Maybe if I go into the back room and come back out, the Corvette will still be on the lift…”  LOL

Source: Reddit

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