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[VIDEO] Walk Around View of a 2021 Corvette in Silver Flare Metallic

by Rob LoszewskiRob Loszewski
2021 Corvette Silver Flare Walk-Around Video

Thanks to Adam Ellison taking delivery of the first 2021 Corvette sold order built in Silver Flare Metallic, we now have a walk-around video of his Corvette in better lighting than when he picked it up at the National Corvette Museum.

Unfortunately, Adam wasn’t able to pick the car up until late in the afternoon with a setting sun and slightly overcast skies.

2021 Corvette in Silver Flare

Below are additional photos Adam took of the car in the sun last week.  Click on the images for a larger view:

In looking at the photos, it appears that Silver Flare Metallic is a pearlescent color and Adam was able to confirm this for us.  The color has some similarity to Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic and Sterling Blue Metallic which first made its debut on the 2017 Corvette.  Both colors are pearlescent colors, but like Sterling Blue Metallic, the new Silver Flare Metallic appears to shift in color and hue as you walk around the car and the lighting changes from direct to indirect.

This becomes even more apparent in the walk-around video below:


In a never-ending sea of black, white, silver and gray cars out on the road today, I think Silver Flare Metallic is going to be a welcome change to all the silver colors out there right now.  Can’t wait to actually see it in person!

Credit:  Adam Ellison

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