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[VIDEO] Corvette Carjacking Ends in Crash in Arizona

by Rob Loszewski
[VIDEO] Corvette Carjacking Ends in Crash in Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona – The suspect in a Wednesday morning Ahwatukee murder led police on a high-speed pursuit in a C6 Corvette across Phoenix roadways before crashing at an intersection and being shot dead.

The suspect robbed a house in Glendale and took off in a stolen white pickup truck.  The suspect then dumped the truck and stole a yellow C6 Corvette at gunpoint in north Phoenix.

Shortly after a high speed pursuit took place by authorities, the C6 Corvette ran off I-17 in north Phoenix at the intersection of North Valley Parkway and Dove Valley Road as a police vehicle rammed the Corvette into a traffic light pole after it spun out. Two officers immediately fired shots at the suspect, and police say the suspect did not fire back.

Policed surrounded the Corvette before finding the suspect dead with a weapon inside.

Aerial footage showed the Corvette heading north on I-17 at Loop 101 just after 1:30 p.m.  The Corvette could be seen weaving in and out of traffic and at times was on the wrong side of the roadway, driving into oncoming traffic.

Police have not identified the suspect yet.

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