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Thieves Steal 1964 Corvette and Torch It

by Marcus PalmerMarcus Palmer
Three Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania Men Charged with Stealing and Torching Classic 1964 Corvette

Three men in Schuylkill, Pennsylvania broke into an impound lot, stole and 1964 Corvette and set it on fire a short time later

Pennsylvania – In the early morning hours of Monday, March 15th, three men from Schuylkill County broke into an impound lot owned by Joe May’s Garage in Union Township and stole a blue 1964 Corvette.

Around 2:20 AM, the State Police in Jonestown got a call of a reported vehicle fire in the parking lot of the Twin Grove Campground also in Union Township.  When the police arrived at 2:30, they found the Corvette completely engulfed in flames.

Twin Grove Campground and Resort - PennsylvaniaWhile police were at the scene, an employee of Joe May’s Garage alerted the police that their impound lot had been broken into a short time ago and a blue 1964 Corvette stolen.

After conducting an investigation and interviews the following day, police questioned Michael Workman, 32, of Tremont who admitted to planning the theft and arson along with Christopher Donmoyer, 21, of Pine Grove, and Bailey Miller, 22, of Pine Grove.

Workman Jr., Donmoyer, and Miller each face felony charges of reckless burning, criminal mischief, and burglary, conspiracy, and theft. Bail was set at $25,000 for each.

Police reports have called the Corvette a “total loss”.

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