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[FOUND] Daytona Blue 1963 Corvette Convertible Stolen in Helena, Montana

by Rob LoszewskiRob Loszewski
Daytona Blue 1963 Corvette Convertible Stolen in Helena, Montana

UPDATED – 09-22-2016:

Stolen classic Corvette found


(HELENA) The Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office said they had located a classic Corvette that was reported stolen earlier this week.

Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton told MTN that they were able to recover the Corvette and the trailer when two deputies recognized it at a home near a fishing access early this morning.

Glenn and Becky Nelson reported their 1963 soft top Corvette stolen after the trailer it was in went missing from a storage facility over the weekend.

The Nelson’s had spent thousands of hours restoring the car and put it on display at local car shows.

According to Sheriff Dutton, officers said the trailer was damaged to hide its identity, but thankfully the vehicle inside seemed to be unharmed.

Sheriff Dutton also told MTN that he was happy to inform the Nelsons their car had been found, but it may not be returned to them right away.

“We will be told by the county attorney’s office when we can return it because it has been officially entered as stolen, so when the county attorney releases it, then we’ll release it,” stated Dutton.

Sheriff Dutton said that officers also found another cargo trailer stolen from the Helena Police Department and other items that may have been from other burglaries. One person is likely to be arrested, according to Sheriff Dutton, and they are currently working on an individual of interest.

Daytona Blue 1963 Corvette Convertible Stolen in Helena, Montana


(HELENA, MT) A classic Corvette disappears leaving an East Helena family devastated. The 1963 soft top was reported stolen on Monday.

When Glenn and Becky Nelson discovered that their Daytona Blue 1963 Chevy convertible had been stolen Monday morning, they were devastated.

MTN sat down with Becky who told us the car has been in the family for more than a decade and that her husband Glenn Painstakingly restored it.

“My husband took every nut, bolt, part, completely off the car and cleaned it, restored it, as much as he could,” said Becky Nelson.

The Nelsons entered it in car shows where it had even won a trophy in 2011. Becky thinks the car was taken because of its value.

“The Corvette was inside the trailer parked right behind me in this outdoor storage facility,” said Becky. “It may not be just an entirely random act to steal this trailer. It’s probably somebody who’s familiar with that area.”

Witnesses said the trailer had been at the storage facility on Friday.

Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s are investigating and are checking security tapes, and they hope to have some people of interest to talk to soon.

Becky Nelson said the value of the car is more than how much money its worth.

“The car meant more to us than just monetary value. I guess I would just want them to know that it’s a hard thing to have someone take something from you,” Becky said.

If you have any information on who may have taken the Corvette, call the Lewis and Clark County Sherriff’s Office at 406-447-8293.

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