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[ACCIDENT] Sixty Four Year Old Man Crashes his 1966 Corvette in Arizona

by Marcus PalmerMarcus Palmer
1966 Corvette Crash in Prescott Arizona: Source: Prescott eNews

Heavy foot leads to a sixty four year old man launching his 1966 Corvette into a tree in a residential neighborhood in Arizona

Prescott, Arizona – On May 1st, the Prescott Police Department was notified that a guy lost control of his 1966 Corvette in a residential neighborhood and crashed it into a tree in a neighbor’s yard down the street.

According to the report, the driver took off from his house at a high rate of speed and lost control of the Corvette causing it to careen out of control through several yards in the neighborhood before come to arrest up against the tree.

Based upon photos, it appears the 1966 Corvette was a big block and we all know how torquey those big blocks can be.  Combine that with cold, thin mid-year Corvette tires, and it’s pretty easy to see how this unfortunate situation can occur.

The owner admitted to his speed causing the accident and was cited and released for reckless driving.

Source: Prescott eNews

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TONY MILO May 9, 2021 - 4:02 am

A broken motor mount probably. Had 1 break on a BB 65 Impala & a BB 68 Vette.Wide open throttle, ya go to shift into neutral but the Z bar comes out of the ball on the block.

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