[VIDEO] North Texas Viper Club Blowing up a Corvette with Tannerite

North Texas Viper Club Blowing up a Corvette with Tannerite

Competition is a good thing.  Especially when it’s between the Dodge Viper and the Corvette.  However, the North Texas Viper Club decided to eliminate the competition all together.

In this video, members of the club used a .50-caliber rifle and charged $5.00 to take a shot at the C4 Corvette.  When making only $20.00 off the opportunity to fill the Corvette full of lead, they decided to use Tannerite to complete the job.

From Wikipedia:

Tannerite is the brand name of a binary explosive marketed primarily for making exploding targets for firearms practice. It is a patented combination of ammonium nitrate (an oxidizer) and aluminum powder (a fuel) that is supplied as two separate powders that are mixed and shaken to produce an explosive.

A drone was used to film the moment the Tannerite ignited and the Corvette went up in flames.

Watch at your own risk!

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