Automobile Road Tests and Reviews

2008 Chevrolet Malibu LT:
Your Camrys and Accords? Put 'em on Craig's List and meet your new DD.
2005:  C6, Naked and Exposed - The Sequel: Finally...We Drive It!!!:
Get behind the wheel with Hib as he digs deep into the technical aspects of the brand new 2005 C6 Corvette and interviews C6 designer, Tom Peters and other "Team Corvette" engineers responsible for Chevrolet's latest barn-stormer.
2004 Z06:  Final Fast: We Toast the C5 Corvette's Final Year with a Test of the 2004 Z06:
Once again, Hib Halverson has released an incredible in-depth look at the 2004 Commemorative Edition Z06. Get behind the wheel with Hib as he shakes down this bad boy and interviews the Corvette Engineers that made it happen.
2003:  Magnetic Ride - Star Wars Meets the 50th Car:
An in-depth look at Magnetic Selective Ride Control, new for the 2003 model year and how it compares to previous Corvette adjustable suspension systems.
2002:  Oh, It Hurts So Good! - 540-hp, Supercharged 2002 Convertible:
Hib Halverson takes a 540-hp Corvette convertible and releases the best within!
C5:  Active handling:  Corvette's revolutionary new option increases safety and performance:
Hib Halverson reviews the C5 Corvette's Active Handling system.
Tires:  Ultimate Tire for your Daily Driver:
Hib Halverson reviews how Goodyear's Corvette tires heavily influence the new Assurance TripleTred.