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 2006 - 2013 Corvette Z06

2006 Corvette Z06: GM TechLink: Vehicle Identification Number

VINAfter the first 140 Corvette Z06s were built with a VIN Y designation for the engine, it was changed to VIN E. The LS7 engine is installed in all of the cars.TIP: For these first 140 vehicles, it is necessary to use the letter E (instead of the Y... Read More

2006 Corvette Z06: GM TechLink: Car Wash - Tire Fitment

Car WashThe Z06 may not fit on some car washes due to the use of wider tires (rear tires are 13.6 inches, 325 mm, on 12-inch wheels). An information hang tag is included on the gearshift lever. Source:  GM Techlink, September, 2005 General... Read More

2006 Corvette Z06: Dry Sump Oiling System

The Corvette Z06's LS7 engine (fig. 1) has a dry sump oiling system designed to keep the engine fully lubricated during the high cornering loads the Corvette Z06 is capable of producing. Ths LS7's dry sump system was developed and tested on... Read More

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