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2006 - 2007 Corvette Z06: Service Bulletin: Flushing Remote Oil Tank When Replacing Engine

Date: November 3, 2006

Bulletin #:  #06-06-01-024

Subject:  Info - Flushing Remote Oil Tank When Replacing Engine

Models: 2006-2007 Corvette Z06 with 7.0L Engine (VIN E - RPO LS7)

Engine Replacement -- Oiling System Debris

Notice: Debris in the remote oil tank may be pulled back into the motor causing severe engine damage.

If replacement of the 7.0L LS7 engine becomes necessary, or any failure is experienced which may cause debris to enter the oil supply, the remote oil tank must be disassembled and flushed. Additionally, the oil cooler and both oil cooler lines should be replaced.

Remote Oil Tank Flushing Procedure
The remote oil reservoir can be removed from the vehicle and separated into two halves to facilitate a thorough cleaning. A complete procedure to disassemble the remote oil tank has been added to SI.

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