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2008 Corvette Z06: GM TechLink Article: Clutch Pedal Doesn’t Return

The clutch pedal on some 2008 Z06 Corvettes may stay on the floor when depressed and released

Before any parts are replaced, follow these steps:

1. The engine should be off, transmission placed in neutral and the parking brake applied.

2. Verify the clutch reservoir is filled to the fill line. Inspect the fluid level from the side of the reservoir. Do not remove the cover to inspect. If additional fluid is required, use only DOT 4 fluid from an unopened container.

Do not substitute any other fluid for DOT 4.

3. If the pedal is on the floor, pull the pedal back to the full-up stop and hold for one second. The fill port in the master cylinder is at the very top of the stroke. If the pedal is not fully returned to the top of the stroke, new fluid cannot enter the master cylinder from the reservoir.

4. Repeat the above step three times. If the clutch pedal does not freely return, repeat steps three and four.

5. Check the reservoir to insure the fluid is still full.

6. Drive the vehicle to insure proper clutch engagement.

TIP: The Corvette uses a self adjusting clutch and some change in pedal feel or pressure are normal as the clutch adjusts.

- Thanks to Chuck Krepp
January 2008 - GM TechLink

DOT 4 Brake Fluid Note

DOT 4 brake fluid must be changed at 24 month intervals.

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