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 Body and Trim

1980 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Enamel Paint Pilot Program

Subject: Enamel Paint Pilot ProgramModel and Year: 1980 CorvetteSource: Chevrolet Dealer Service Information BulletinBulletin Number: 80-I-68, Section IDate: July, 1980 TO:  ALL CHEVROLET DEALERS In anticipation of the 1981 1/2 model year... Read More

1978 Corvette: Service News: Lock Set Deviation

Subject: Lock Set DeviationModel and Year: 1978 CorvetteSource: Chevrolet Service NewsBulletin Number: Volume 51, 1979, Number 2 The GMAD-St. Louis Assembly Plant produced a number of 1978 Corvettes using 1978 lock sets, Part No. 471960 with 1979... Read More

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