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1978 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Removable Roof Panel Fit

Subject:   Removable Roof Panel Fit
Model and Year:   1978 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Dealer Service Technical Bulletin
Bulletin No:  78-T-23
Section:   I
Date:  April, 1978


Some early 1978 Corvette removable roof panels may be bowed in relation to the windshield header and/or rear roof.  This condition can be caused by an improperly positioned roof lock receiver plate.

As of January, 1978, a fixture is being used to properly locate the rear roof roof reinforcement (pillar) and lock receiver plate during assembly.

The bow is a roof panel can be eliminated by lowering the roof lock receiver plate as outlined below:

  1. Remove the rear roof corner garnish and lower roof trim panel.  NOTE:  It is not necessary to remove the shoulder belt or retractor.
  2. Remove the roof lock receiver plate screws.  Hold the tapping plate, located behind the roof pillar, to prevent it from falling (see illustration on page 2).  Remove any excess sealer from pillar and receiver plate.
  3. Using a small round file, elongate (lower) the three holes in the roof pillar as required to obtain a relaxed roof panel with a flush fit.  This will be a trial and error process of installing the receiver plate and checking that the roof panel lock rod extension engages easily.
  4. When an acceptable roof panel fit is achieved, thoroughly pack the area behind the receiver plate with 3M Strip-calk or equivalent.
  5. Reinstall interior trim panels.
  6. Adjust the door glass to the roof weatherstrip as described in Section 2D, 1978 Service Manual.

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1978 Corvette Removable Roof Panel Fit

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