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1972 Corvette: Service News: Front Fender Skirt Availability

Below is a Chevrolet Service News article from 1974 regarding the availability of front fender skirts for 1972 Corvettes.  Sometime in 1974, GM stopped manufacturing or supply ran out of 1972 Corvette front fender skirts.  This Chevrolet Service News article is a factory rework procedure to install 1973 Corvette fender skirts.

Subject:    Corvette Service Fender Skirt
Model and Year:  1972 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:   2
Date:  September 1974, Volume 46, Issue #9

The 1972 Corvette Front Fender Skirts 6263509 L.H. and 3953054 R.H. are being cancelled and will be serviced by the 1973 Fender Skirts 331857 L.H. and 331858 R.H.  This is being done because the tools have been reworked to make the 1973 skirt.

When using the 1973 skirts in place of the 1972 skirts, it will be necessary to remove and the steel reinforcement part number 334747-8 and add a material patch to provide a mounting surface for the radiator lower grille.  See Fig. 2 for additional information.

1972 Corvette Front Fender Skirt Replacement  

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