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1969 Corvette: Seattle Zone Letter: 1969 Door Trim Identification Labels

Subject:  1969 Door Trim Identification Labels
Model and Year: 1969 Passenger Cars
Source: Chevrolet - Seattle Zone Letter
From: Luke Barrett, Jr.
Date: August 12, 1969

Chevrolet dealers are to play an important part in the feedback of information reflecting substandard quality of door glass adjustments.

After doors are assembled and just before the water deflector and trim pad are installed, a final inspection is made.  the party making the inspection certifies that all is "OK" by applying a double personalized pressure sensitive label with his identification number thereon.

Effective 9-1-69 - Should your dealership encounter a warranty repair on 1969 or later model Passenger Cars which requires the door trim pad removal, the identification label is to be removed at the perforation for attachment to the warranty claim.  The label is located under the water deflector and in the center of the upper portion of the inner door panel .

Warranty claims of this nature, submitted without this label affixed, will be rejected and returned to the dealer.

Your cooperation in this fixing of responsibility, which will allow our Manufacturing Plants to institute  corrective action with the individuals involved, can result in quality standards that will be the envy of the industry.

We will appreciate your assistance toward providing improved quality in all of our Chevrolet products.

Very truly yours,

Luke Barrett, Jr.
Zone Manager

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