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2020 Corvette: GM TechLink: Corvette Exterior Protective Cover Removal

2020 Corvette Exterior Protective Cover Removal

August 31, 2020
GM TechLink

The exterior protective cover that wraps every 2020 Corvette (Fig. 20) to help shield the paint and body during shipping to the dealership should always be removed prior to vehicle delivery to the customer.

2020 Corvette: GM TechLink: Corvette Exterior Protective Cover Removal

Fig. 20

Many GM vehicles come with protective coverings, foam blocks and other preventative measures applied before vehicle shipping to aid in vehicles being delivered in the best possible condition. The exterior protective cover must be removed completely in order to perform a proper pre-delivery inspection (PDI). The PDI includes time for the complete removal of the cover.

Vehicles should not be driven on public roads with any part of the cover installed on the vehicle. The protective cover is not approved for use on public roads.

In addition, the cover on the Corvette should not be given to the customer for use as a winter cover. It is designed for use as a shipping cover during transportation only. Once removed from the vehicle, it’s possible that any debris that gets trapped in the cover when removing or reinstalling it may cause possible damage.

Customers looking for a cover for their Corvette should visit the Chevrolet Accessories website, which can be accessed from ( in Canada), for more information about several available premium car covers designed specifically for the Corvette. (Fig. 21)

2020 Corvette: GM TechLink: Corvette Exterior Protective Cover Removal

Fig. 21

Dealership Storage

Exterior protection devices such as the plastic shipping covers and foam block door protectors should be left in place up to the time of the customer delivery except for vehicles on prominent display such as the showroom floor. These protective devices help to minimize lot damage, reduce dealer expense and increase customer satisfaction.

For additional information on proper vehicle storage and new vehicle PDI, refer to the latest versions of Bulletin #09-00-89-002 and Bulletin #03-00-89-006.

– Thanks to Jeff Strausser

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