2014 Corvette: GM TechLink Article: Brake Noise on Initial Brake Apply

Source:   GM TechLink
Date:   February 20, 2014

An intermittent brake squeal or squeak noise on the initial brake apply may be heard on some 2013-2014 Regal GS, ATS (equipped with RPO J55), XTS (equipped with RPO J64); 2014 CTS Sedan (equipped with RPO J55 or J56), Corvette, and SS models.

The squeal or squeak noise from the front brakes or rear brakes (Corvette only) usually only occurs on initial brake applications after the vehicle has sat for an extended time. The condition occurs under light braking in speeds under 10 mph (16 km/h). After 1-6 brake applies, or after braking at higher speeds, the noise no longer occurs. In addition, this condition may occur more often in high humidity conditions.

TIP: Do not apply lubricant to the back of the backing plate.

Apply a light coat of lubricant, part number 19303310 (In Canada, part number 19303311) to completely cover the front or rear disc brake pad backing plate abutments on each end. (Fig. 11) The lubricant should not extend onto the friction material.

Fig. 11: 2014 Corvette: Brake Noise on Initial Brake Apply

- Thanks to Mark Gordon

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