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1984 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Oil Dipstick Hitting Crankshaft on 5.7L L83 Engine

Model Year: 1984 Corvette
Subject: Oil Dipstick Hitting Crankshaft on 5.7L L83 Engine
Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: 84-32, Section 6A (VI)
Date: Dec., 1983


Certain early production 1984 Corvettes have had the dipstick interfering with the crankshaft during rotation causing an engine noise.

The reason for the interference was misdirection of the portion of the dipstick that extends from the bottom of the dipstick tube into the oil pan cavity.

The condition was corrected on July 20, 1983 by rotating the dipstick such that the rough edges are on the inside of the installed bend (reducing insertion force), and extending the lower portion of the tube approximately 1".

If the interference condition occurs, replace both the dipstick and the tube. make certain to apply sealer (P/N 9985345) to the portion of the tube that is inserted into the block.

Oil level gauge tube is P/N 14081026 and the oil level gauge is P/N 14060661.

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