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1995 Corvette: Ignition: No-Start Condition

GM told Chevrolet dealers of a weird starting problem with 95 Corvettes and it may affect any car built before VIN 10803 or about 2/27/95:

The starter will click, but the engine will not start. The starter will not spin. This usually happens in colder weather and the engine will start if the ignition is turned off then turned to "start" again. This condition is intermittent and may happen every time the engine is started cold or may happen only on rare occasions. 

A low voltage specification in a microprocessor in the Central Control Module (CCM) may not allow the VATS relay to energize. This was corrected in production after VIN breakpoint S5110803, about February 27, 1995.

Before replacing the CCM, make sure that the battery is fully charged, that the starter is operating correctly and that the battery cables are properly tightened. This condition can be verified by the following procedure:

Let the vehicle sit overnight so the components are cold.

Try to start the vehicle. If the click/no start occurs, then turn the ignition off and immediately try to start the engine again. It should start. Turn the key off.

Wait at least one minute to allow the CCM to reset, then try again to restart.

If the click/no start happens again, the CCM is a fault and should be replaced with P/N 16223622 following the directions in Section 8D of the Service Manual.

One thing about all this, if you THINK you have this problem, check your VIN first.

If your car is later than 10803, you DO NOT have this problem and your starting problem is being caused by something else.

If your car is before 10803 and you have the symptoms, run the three step test discussed. It requires no special equipment. If you run the test and your car does not meet the criteria, your starting problem IS NOT the CCM. If it does meet the test, take it into the dealer.

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