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1965 - 1982 Corvette: How-To: Bleeding Brakes

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1965 - 1982 Corvette: How-To: Bleeding Brakes

Submitted by:  Hib Halverson

The 1965 - 1982 Corvette brake caliper is prone to air leaks. If you have not replaced your OE calipers with stainless steeel sleeved calipers, I’d do that first. Vette Brakes and Products is a good source for that.

Once you install the sleeved calipers, then bleed the system. Since you’re starting with dry calipers, you’ll need lots of fluid. Also, this is best done with a pressure bleeder. And, you need a container with a lid and a hose to connect to the bleeder. This prevents air from sucking back into the caliper.

Start by jacking the back of the car up, supporting it on stands and removing the back tires. Open both bleed fittings on both rear calipers and let them "gravity bleed" until you see fluid dribbling out.

Refill the master.

Foot bleed or pressure bleed both rears, the left first and then the right. Rap on the caliper body with a medium-sized plastic hammer whil you have the bleeder open. Bleed until no more air comes out.

Now jack up the front, support it with stands, then gravity bleed the fronts until fluid dribbles out the bleeders.

Refill the master.

Foot bleed or pressure bleed both fronts, the left first, then the right.

Set the front down, and return to the rear for a final bleeding. Then put the back tires back on. Jack the front up again and do a final bleeding on the two fronts.

Road test.

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1965 - 1982 Corvette: How-To: Bleeding Brakes

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