1954 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Production and Service 1954 Piston Rings

Subject:   Production and Service 1954 Piston Rings
Model and Year:   1954 Chevrolets
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:   DR-171
Section:   VI
Date:    May 28, 1954


In order to simplify the identification of 1954 Piston Rings, both Service and Production, with respect to changes since beginning 1954 and different types used between production and service, the following information has been incorporated in a chart.

  • Chart on page 2 identifies and illustrates the 1954 Service Piston Rings.
  • Chart on page 3 identifies and illustrates various piston rings used in 1954 production.

E.L. Harrig
Manager, Service and Mechanical Department

1954 Corvette Piston Ring Identification  

1954 Corvette Piston Ring Identification

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