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1997 - 2004 (C5) Corvette Tech Articles

Model Year(s) / Area Title Summary Author / Source
2004 - 1997 - Body Not a Lightweight at All: New Composite from GM Is Stiff Enough for Structure, Resistant to Heat: A look at the C5 Corvette's SMC body composition and how it's made. PR Newswire
2004 - 1997 - Tires C4/C5 Corvette EMT Run-Flat Tire Servicing: C4/C5 Corvette EMT Run-Flat Tire Servicing by Hunter Engineering. Hunter Engineering
2004 Final Fast: We Toast the C5 Corvette's Final Year with a Test of the 2004 Z06: Once again, Hib Halverson has released an incredible in-depth look at the 2004 Commemorative Edition Z06. Get behind the wheel with Hib as he shakes down this bad boy and interviews the Corvette Engineers that made it happen! Halverson, Hib
2003 - 1997 - Electrical C5 - C3:  The Solution to my Corvette Battery Problems: The Odyssey Battery: Hib reviews the Odyssey side terminal battery for 1969 - 2003 Corvettes. Halverson, Hib
2003 - Suspension Magnetic Ride - Star Wars Meets The 50th Car An in-depth look at Magnetic Selective Ride Control, new for the 2003 model year and how it compares to previous Corvette adjustable suspension systems. Halverson, Hib
1999 - 2000 - Body The 1999 Corvette Hardtop: A Billy-Bob? Not!: Hib Halverson's in-depth article about the research and development of the 1999 - 2000 Corvette Fixed-Roof Coupe Corvette that was supposed to be the long-awaited "Billy-Bob" Corvette. Hib Halverson
1999 - Body SMC Assembly Makes Fixed-Roof Corvette Lightest Body Style: Tight tolerance and lightweight requirements elevate low-volume the C5 Fixed Roof Coupe's roof assembly to labor of love. Composites Technology
1998 - Suspension Active Handling System This article appeared in a GM Press Release that was issued at the Las Vegas SEMA Show in the Fall of 1998. The Active Handling System, RPO JL4, debuted on the 1998 Corvette and became standard equipment on the 2001 model. GM Press
1997 - Frame Corvette Crossmember Design and Manufacturing Design and analysis of the C5 Corvette's crossmember construction from SAE Automotive Engineering Magazine - August 1997. SAE