1985 Corvette Production Numbers

Available Options
RPO Description Price Production   RPO Description Price Production
1YY07 Base Coupe $24,403 39,729   K34 Cruise Control $185 38,369
AG9 Power Driver Seat $215 37,856   MM4 4-spd, Manual Trans. $0.00 9,576
AQ9 Leather Sport Seats $1,025 NA   UL5 Radio Delete $-256 172
AR9 Base Leather Seats $400 NA   UN8 AM-FM Stereo, CB $215 16
NA Cloth Sport Seats $625 5,661   UU8 Delco Bose Stereo System $895 35,998
AU3 Power Door Locks $170 38,294   V01 Heavy Duty Cooling $225 17,539
CC3 Removable Transparent Roof Panel $595 28,143   Z49 Canadian Base Equipment NA NA
D84 Two-Tone Paint $428 6,033   Z51 Performance Handling Pkg. $470 14,802
FG3 Delco Bilstein Shock Absorbers $189 9,333   Z6A Rear Window/Side Mirror Defoggers $160 37,720
G92 Performance Axle Ratio $22 5,447          

Other Production Options
RPO Description   RPO Description
AX4 European Belt System   T89 Tail/Stop Lamp Assembly, European
A26 Glass - European Glazing   UD2 Alarm/Vhile Speed (105 KH)
C49 Electric Rear Defogger   UD6 Alarm - Exhaust Temperature
DD9 Electric Outside Rear View Mirrors   UK1 Japanese Radio Frequency
G95 Axle Economy Ratio   UL2 European Radio Frequency
K05 Engine Block Heater   UM6 Electric Tuned AM-FM Stereo w/ Cassette
L98 Engine, 5.7L V8, TPI   U03 Horn Noise Regulator
MX0 Auto. Transmission w/ Overdrive   U18 Export Speedometer
NN5 California Emission Override   VD1 European Modifications
QZD P255/50VR16, Steel Belt Radial Tires   VE1 Japanese Modifications
T72 Left Rule of Road Headlamps   V08 Heavy Duty Cooling
T84 Left Rule of Road Headlamps   V70 Front Tow Hook - Export
Total Production (All Coupes):  39,729

Exterior/Interior Color Options
RPO Exterior Interior Production
13 Silver Metallic GR-MG 1,752
18 Medium Gray Metallic GR-MG 2,519
20 Light Blue Metallic MB 1,021
23 Medium Blue Metallic MB 2,041
40 White CA-GR-S-MB-MG 4,455
41 Black CA-GR-S-MG 7,603
53 Gold Metallic S 1,411
63 Light Bronze Metallic BR 1,440
66 Dark Bronze Metallic BR 1,030
81 Bright Red CA-GR-S-MG 10,424
13/18 Silver/Gray GR-MG 2,170
20/23 Light Blue/Medium Blue MB 1,470
63/66 Light Bronze/Dark Bronze BR 2,393
Interior Color Codes
RPO Color Production
12C GR/C 818
12V GR/SC 1,763
15C MG/C 571
15V MG/SC 1,045
28C MB/C 957
28V MB/SC 1,365
62C S/C 349
62V S/SC 607
65C BR/C 417
65V BR/SC 881
122 GR/L 9,346
152 MG/L 3,579
282 MB/L 2,121
622 S/L 3,759
652 BR/L 3,878
742 CA/L 8,272
Abbreviations:  BR=Bronze, C=Cloth, CA=Carmine, GR=Graphite, L=Leather, MB=Medium Blue, MG=Medium Gray, S=Saddle, SC=Sport Seat Cloth

Note:  Some exterior colors had more than one RPO.  There were three exterior color combinations that combined one color on the top half of the car and one color on the bottom half of the car.  This is seen in the last three exterior color code combinations as listed above.