1984 Corvette Performance Numbers

Below is a listing of performance numbers and reviews for the 1984 Corvette.

Performance Numbers
Magazine GM Spec. R&T R&T Motor Trend R&T R&T
Pub. Date   Mar. 1983 Aug. 1983 Mar. 1983 Jan. 1984 Aug. 1984
Transmission   4-Speed Auto. 4-Speed Auto. 4-Speed Auto. 4-Speed Man. + 3 OD. 4-Speed Man. + 3 OD.
0-30 mph (sec) NA 2.4 2.2 2.32 2.4 2.4
0-40 mph (sec) NA NA NA 3.41 NA 3.5
0-50 mph (sec) NA NA NA 5.12 NA 5.4
0-60 mph (sec) NA 7.1 7.0 6.96 7.1 7.1
0-70 mph (sec) NA NA NA 9.41 NA 9.9
0-80 mph (sec) NA 12.6 12.6 12.68 12.6 12.6
0-90 mph (sec) NA NA NA 16.51 NA 16.5
0-100 mph (sec) NA 22.3 NA 23.12 21.4 21.4
0-110 mph (sec) NA NA NA NA NA NA
0-120 mph (sec) NA NA NA NA NA NA
0-130 mph (sec) NA NA NA NA NA NA
1/4 Mile (sec/mph) NA 15.5 / 88.0 15.3 / 87.5 15.42 / 87.5 15.6 / 88.5 15.6 / 88.5
Top Speed (mph) NA NA 139 NA 136 111 @ 4530 rpm
Braking (ft.) NA 133 ft. (60 - 0 mph)
250 ft. (80 - 0 mph)
144 ft. (60 - 0 mph)
250 ft. (80 - 0 mph)
120 ft. (60 - 0 mph) 144 ft. (60 - 0 mph)
250 ft. (80 - 0 mph)
200 ft. (80 - 40 mph)
Lateral Accel. (100 ft. radius) NA 0.896 G 0.842 G 0.92 G 0.880 G NA
Legend:  R&T: Road and Track Magazine

What They Say...

  • "To amplify on these cold objective numbers, we can report that the Corvette's handling is a delight! Gone is the previous version's overshoot steering that caused you to uncrank some lock as the car took its set. You point this new Corvette and it goes." -- Road and Track Magazine, March, 1983.
  • "Steering quickness is the most noticeable of the Corvette's handling traits when you get off the Interstate and onto the twisty stuff. After the other three cars, the steering feels almost too quick and darty, but once you get used to it, the quickness works well with the basic point-and-squirt driving style needed to get the big car through tight corners. With its special and very wide Goodyear Eagle VR50s, the Corvette provides excellent adhesion and good cornering balance at all speeds, and recorded the highest skidpad figure of the four cars. On a fast, smooth track like Willow Springs, that cornering power makes the Corvette the easisest and most effortless car to drive fast, and at least one driver reached his quickest and most consistent lap times of the day in the Corvette." -- Road and Track Magazine, August, 1983. (comparison test including Ferrari 308 and Porsche 928)
  • "All but one driver placed the Corvette last in the cost-is-no-object rating. The car was well liked for its driver comfort and great torquey acceleration in traffic (driver quote:  'The best thing about the Corvette is putting down your firght foot and throwing great big clouds of Corvette dust on all the other traffic'). The new Corvette is much improved over the old, but still lacks the finesses of the other cars in the test. Most complaints centered on excess rather than shortcomings; 'too big and bulky,' 'overdone instrumentation' and so on. Poor ride and body rattles also made the Corvette the least pleasant to drive on an extended 3-day road trip. Make no mistake--the Corvette is an excellent car, among the best in the world, but agains the cars in this test it lost several small battles of degree." -- Road and Track Magazine, August, 1983. (comparison test including Ferrari 308 and Porsche 928)