1981 Corvette L81 Vette Registry - Specifications: Steering and Suspension

Below is a listing of steering and suspension specifications for the 1981 L81 Corvette:


Steering Gear Ratio 16.1:1
Overall Power Steering Ratio 17.6:1


Wheel Nut Torque - Standard 80 Lbs ft (110 N m)
Wheel Nut Torque - Aluminum 90 Lbs ft (122 N m)

Wheel Alignment

Caster * + 2 1/4degrees +/- 1/2degrees
Camber * + 3/4degrees +/- 1/2degrees
Toe In ( Total ) 3/16 to 5/16"
Camber 0 degrees +/- 1/2 degrees
Toe In ( Per Wheel** ) .06 degrees +/- .06 degrees
* Must be within 1/2 degree of opposite side
** Each wheel must be adjusted independently

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