1981 Corvette L81 Vette Registry - Production: Identification Numbers

Below is a listing of identification numbers for the 1981 L81 Corvette:

VIN Identification:

1G1AY8764BS400001 thru 1G1AY8764BS431611 (St. Louis)

1G1AY8764B5100001 thru 1G1AY8764B5108995 (Bowling Green)

* ninth digit is a check code and varies

ZDA : 350ci - 190 hp, mt ZDC : 350ci - 190 hp , mt, ce
ZDB : 350ci - 190 hp, at, ce ZDD : 350ci, 190 hp, at

Engine Block Distributor Cylinder Head
14010207 (All) 1103443 (All) 462624 (All)

Carburetor - Rochestor QuadraJet: Alternator:
#17081217 : 350ci, 190hp, mt
#17081218 : 350ci, 190hp, at, ce
#17081228: 350ci, 190hp, at
1101075, 1101085, 1103088, 1103091, 1103103

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