1981 Corvette L81 Vette Registry - Maintenance: Filters, Fluids, Fuses

Below is a listing of filters, fluids, fuses and their related part numbers for the 1981 L81 Corvette.

Filter Recommendations & Misc.

Recommendations for filters
Engine Oil Filter AC Type PF25
Engine Air Cleaner Element AC Type A348C
Radiator Cap AC Type RC-36
Carburetor Fuel Filter AC Type GF471
PCV Valve AC Type CV774C
Crankcase ventilation filter AC Type FB59
Oxygen sensor AC Type AFS5P
Spark Plug AC Type R-45TS

Battery Rating Heavy Duty F-18
Cold Crank (-18 degrees C, 0 degrees F) 460 Amps
25 Amp Reserve Capacity Minutes 115

Fluid Capacities

Capacities Metric Measure U.S. measure
Gasoline Tank 90L 23.7 gal
Crankcase (approx.) oil change only 3.8L 4qts
Crankcase (approx) oil and filter change 4.7L 5qts
Cooling (approx.)
w/Auto trans & AC add 1.05L (1qt)
19.8L 21qts
Thermostat 90.6 degrees C 195 degrees F
Radiator Pressure Cap 105kPa 15psi

Fuse/Circuit Breaker Guide (from Owners Manual, Section 7-5)

Circuit Rating
Power Window Circuit breaker 30 Amp
Backup Lamp & Turn Signals 20 Amp
Heater / Air Conditioning 25 Amp
Radio 10 Amp
Electronic Control Module, Anti -Theft Alarm 10 Amp
Rear Defogger, Circuit Breaker 35 Amp
Instrument Lamps 7.5 Amp
Tail Lamps
( Side Marker & Parking Lamps , License )
20 Amp
Clock, Lighter, Courtesy, Anti-Theft Alarm, Glove Box, Dome, Spare Tire Light, Horn 20 Amp
Stop/Hazard Warning, Key Warning Buzzer 20 Amp
Gages/Telltale Lamps, Seat Belt Buzzer Lamp and Relays ( Power Window relay) Cruise Control 20 Amp
Auxiliary Fan 30 Amp
Wipers / Washers 25 Amp

The wiring circuits in your 1981 Corvette are protected from short circuits by a combination of fuses, circuit breakers, and fusible thermal links in the wiring itself. This greatly reduces the hazard of electrically caused fires in the automobile. The fuse junction box is located under the left side of the instrument panel.

The headlight wiring is protected by a circuit breaker in the light switch. An electrical overload will cause the lights to go on or off, or in some cases to remain off. If this happens, have your headlight wiring checked right away.

Besides a fuse, the windshield wiper motor is also protected by a circuit breaker. If the motor overheats, due to overloading caused by heavysnow, etc...the wiper motor will remain stopped until the motor cools. Be sure to have the cause of the overloading corrected.

Also, a circuit breaker, mounted on the fuse panel protects the power window circuit if the vehicle is so equipped.

Do not use fuses of higher amperage rating than those recommended above.

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