1981 Corvette L81 Vette Registry - Production: Colors

Below is a listing of engine and transmission specifications for the 1981 L81 Corvette.:

Engine and Transmission

Engine Transmission  
RPO L81 V-8 5.7L (350) 4-speed ( 2.88:1 low ) Standard
Turbo Hydra-Matic Optional


Type Displacement Compression
Bore Stroke Carburetor Horsepower
(Net@4200 RPM)
Chevrolet L81
small block V-8
350 ci (5.7L) 8.2 : 1 4.00 in 3.48 in 4 Barrel
Rochester QuadraJet
190 280 Lb - ft.


Trans Axle ratio 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Reverse
4-Speed 2.88:1 2.72 7.83 5.19 3.62 2.72 7.56
Automatic 2.87 7.23-14.47 4.36-8.72 2.87-5.74 - 5.54-11.08

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