1981 Corvette L81 Vette Registry - Production: Colors

Below is a listing of exterior and interior color options with RPO codes for the 1981 L81 Corvette:

Exterior Colors

Code Exterior Qty. Suggested Interior
01 Primer 1 -
06 Mahogany metallic 1,092 cm-dr
10 White 6,387 ch-cm-db-dr-mr-sg
13 Silver metallic 2,590 ch-db-mr-sg
19 Black 4,712 ch-cm-dr-mr-sg
24 Bright Blue metallic 1 ch-cm-db-sg
28 Dark Blue metallic 2,522 cm-db-mr-sg
33 Silver Metallic 3,369  
38 Dark Blue Metallic 496  
39 Charcoal Metallic 613  
50 Beige 2,239  
52 Yellow 1,031 ch-cm
59 Beige 3,842 cm-db-dr-mr
75 Red 4,310 ch-cm-mr-sg
79 Maroon metallic 1,618 ch-cm-mr-sg
80 Autumn Red 1,505  
84 Charcoal metallic 3,485 ch-cm-mr-sg
33/38 Silver/Dark Blue - db-sg
33/39 Silver/Charcoal - ch-sg
50/74 Beige/Dark Bronze - cm
80/98 Autumn Red/Dark Claret - dr-sg
98 Dark Claret Metallic ?  
  • Suggested interiors shown. Other combinations were possible
  • Color quantities shown are for St. Louis production and should not be relied upon as exact because the total is 21 less than actual production. All two-tone combinations were painted at the new Bowling Green facility and precise paint quantity records are not currently available.

Interior Color Configurations

Code Description Code Description
19C Black Cloth 192 Black Leather
64C Camel Cloth 642 Camel Leather
182 Charcoal Leather 29C Dark Blue Cloth
292 Dark Blue Leather 67C Cinnabar Cloth
74C Dark Red Cloth 672 Cinnabar Leather
742 Dark Red Leather 752 Medium Red Leather
13C Silver Gray Cloth 132 Silver Gray Leather
152 Silver Gray Leather    

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