1976 Corvette Tech Center

1976 Corvette

Mechanical Changes:

  • Air induction system now pulled air over radiator, rather than through the rear of the hood
  • Available aluminum wheels
  • Steel subsection added to the underbody
  • Sealed, maintenance free Delco Freedom battery standard
  • New lighter weight Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 automatic transmission standard, replacing Turbo Hydra-Matic 400
  • Wide range 4-speed manual gearbox standard

Exterior Changes:

  • Fake vents on rear deck eliminated
  • New one-piece Corvette name plate on rear beteween twin-unit tail lamps

Interior Changes:

  • New 4-spoke sport steering wheel
  • New colors:  Dark Green, Mahogany, Buckskin, Dark Brown, Red
Back in 1976...
The Aerovette is born!  The previous 4-rotor Corvette is given a small block V8 engine and renamed the "Aerovette".
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1976 Corvette