1975 Corvette Identification Numbers

Below is a listing of common identification numbers for the 1975 Corvette including engine block, head id, casting numbers and more.

Vehicle Identification Number
1Z37J5S400001 - 1Z37J5S438465
Digit Definition
1st 1 = GM Division = Chevrolet
2nd Z = Series = Corvette
3rd/4th Body Style:  37 = Coupe, 67 = Convert
5th Engine Type:  J = L48, T = L82
6th 5 = Model Year = 1975
7th Assembly Plant:  S = St. Louis, MO.
Last 6 digits Production Number starting with 400001 and up.

1975 Corvette Production Codes and Dates

A:  October B:  November
C:  December D:  January
E:  February F:  March
G:  April H:  May
I:  June J:  July

The Corvette tooling changeover period for the 1976 model year was August 8, 1975 through August 18, 1975.

Ending Vehicle Serial Numbers:

October 1974:  02385 (33347) November 1974:  06180
December 1974:  09190 January 1975:  13159
February 1975:  17112 March 1975:  20856
April 1975:  25228 May 1975:  29379
June 1975:  33474 July 1975:  38465

Source:  Birthplace of Legends - The Story of Corvette production at the St. Louis Assembly Plant 1953-1981 - Peter J. Licastro

Engine Suffix ID Numbers
CHA: 350ci, 165hp, (manual transmission)
CHB: 350ci, 165hp, (automatic transmission)
CHC: 350ci, 205hp, (manual transmission)
CHR: 350ci, 205hp, (automatic transmission, California emissions)
CHU: 350ci, 165hp, (manual transmission)
CHZ: 350ci, 165hp, (automatic transmission, California emissions)
CKC: 350ci, 205hp, (automatic transmission)
CRJ: 350ci, 165hp (manual transmission)
CRK: 350ci, 165hp (automatic transmission)
CRL: 350ci, 205hp (manual transmission)
CRM: 350ci, 205hp, (automatic transmission)
CUA: 350ci, 165hp, (manual transmission)
CUB: 350ci, 165hp (manual transmission)
CUD: 350ci, 205hp (manual transmission)
CUT: 350ci, 205hp (manual transmission)

Block ID Numbers
3970010: All Engines

Head ID Numbers
333882: All Engines

Carburetor ID Numbers
Rochester Q-jet #7045210: 350ci, 205hp (automatic transmission)
Rochester Q-jet #7045211: 350ci, 205hp (manual transmission)
Rochester Q-jet #7045222: 350ci, 165hp (automatic transmission)
Rochester Q-jet #7045223: 350ci, 165hp (manual transmission)

Distributor ID Numbers
1112880: 350ci, 165hp (California emissions)
1112883: 350ci, 205hp
1112888: 350ci, 165hp
1112979: 350ci, 205hp (second design)

Alternator ID Numbers
1100544: All with air conditioning.
1100950: All without air conditioning.
1102474: With air conditioning and late production date.
1102484: Without air conditioning and late production date.