1975 Corvette Build Sheet and Canadian Production Information

The Corvette Action Center would like to thank Don Raddie, who has provided the build sheet, and related production information from GM on his 1975 Corvette. Don writes:

"A letter dated January 19, 2001 from General Motors Canada authenticating the vehicle. As noted only 270 roadsters were imported into Canada. The accuracy of the information provided by GM Canada in 2001 is spot on with the build sheet information. The only option that was not listed was a white hardtop. Considering the accuracy of the letter provided by GM and the build sheet one must consider the fact perhaps there is more information available through the General. If you can provide any insight as to the hard top production code or lack of it, your comments would be appreciated."

"The document [build sheet] was "NOT" on top of the fuel tank. The document was on top of the gas tank shield between the body and the shield. The build sheet was found as a result of the rear bumper being replaced this winter."

Click on the image of the build sheet below for a larger view.

1975 Corvette Build Sheet

1975 Canadian Corvette Build Sheet