Reuss hunkers down, rehabs rare Vette into his dream car

Mark Reuss with his 1954 Corvette: “I just think the car looks fantastic.”

Automotive News
September 1, 2014 – 12:01 am ET

Mark Reuss, General Motors’ head of global product development, wasn’t looking for a major restoration project when he bought a very rare black 1954 Corvette last fall. But that’s what the car turned into.

When the Corvette rolled off the delivery truck, it wouldn’t start.

When it finally got going, it overheated.

Then there were electrical problems galore.

Then the brakes failed.

Then a lobe on the camshaft wore away.

None of those problems phased Reuss. He rolled up his sleeves and fixed everything himself. Working nights and weekends, he picked off one problem after another.

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