New “American Original” Documentary Will Focus on all Corvette Generations

Over the years, we’ve seen a few documentaries on the Corvette, but they’ve usually focused on whatever current generation of Corvette was in production at the time.

This new documentary is called “American Original: A Corvette Retrospective Unlike Any Other”.

Paul and Todd of Everyday Driver (50 Years Of The 911, ICON) announce their 5th feature-length documentary, American Original. In the film, the guys compare 13 cars across seven generations to explore the history, legacy, and contributions the Corvette has made to the world of automobiles.

Shot in a wide range of locations around Salt Lake City, UT, the film is simultaneously a Corvette retrospective and a travelogue of great roads and experiences.

American Original is available now for purchase or streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo. Blu-rays are also available on Amazon. See the film trailer on YouTube.

Everyday Driver creates two seasons of television per year, premiering on the Motor Trend cable channel and then Amazon Prime Video. Todd and Paul also co-host the twice-weekly Car Debate podcast on iTunes, one of the Top 10 Automotive podcasts in the world. You can find them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and

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