Start of 2023 Corvette Z06 Production Remains a Mystery

Earlier today, dealers received version 3 of the 2022 Model Year Build-Out and 2023 Model Start of Production schedule outlining key dates for the end of the 2022 Corvette and the start of production for the 2023 Corvette.

Unfortunately, 2023 Corvette production will begin with only the Stingray being built and not the long-awaited Z06.

2022 Corvette Model Year Built-Out​

Build out date for the 2022 Corvette is set for 5/6/2022. That means the last day for 2022 Corvette production will be Friday, May 6th.

The final consensus month/cycle will be Mar/1. That means dealers will be able to place the last round of 2022 Corvette orders with the first allocation cycle in March.  That final cycle will begin on March 17th. After that, 2022 Corvette orders can no longer be placed in GM’s Order Workbench system.

2023 Corvette Model Year Start of Production​

The start of 2023 Corvette production is set to begin on Monday, May 9th.  Typically during normal times, Corvette model year changeover would take place around the end of June and the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant would shutdown for a couple weeks in between the model years.  That won’t be happening this year.

GM will begin accepting 2023 Corvette orders with the March/2 consensus cycle which will begin the week of March 31st. Dealers will be able to start entering 2023 Corvette orders on March 24th.

Unfortunately, this does not include the Z06.  🙁

GM specifically states in the document “Corvette (Stingray only)”.  There’s no mention of the Z06.

Z06 Allocation

In the past, Z06 allocation was separate from the other Corvette models such as Stingray and Grand Sport.  Starting with the C8 Corvette generation, Z06 allocation will be lumped in with a dealers base Corvette allocation.  What that percentage will be, is anyone’s guess at this time.

So when will production of the 2023 Corvette Z06 officially begin?  GM hasn’t stated.  As soon as we know, we’ll let our readers know.

For those of you with 2023 Corvette Z06 deposits with dealers, hang in there and stay patient!

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