Production of the 2021 Corvette to Run Into August

Corvette Dealers are finally receiving their 2021 Corvette allocation numbers for May and June with production running into the month of August

Update:  Chevrolet Confirms 2022 Corvette Production Set to Begin on September 6th

Consensus opens today and early this morning, Corvette dealers are learning what their final allocation numbers will be for the months of May and June.  According to the consensus notes, orders placed for the next two months should see production around the week of August 6th with a notation stating that “estimated shipments are controlled”.

The allocation numbers that dealers can expect to see are based on the current manufacturing rate at the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant as well as the current environment.   Given the continued uncertainty in the supply chain, the allocation numbers given to dealers for the month of June are NOT set in stone.  While allocation numbers for the month of May should be set, the final allocation number for June is only an estimate given to dealers.

Given that the allocation number for June is only an estimate at this time, we expect that Chevrolet will confirm the final number in a month.

The allocation process for 2021 Corvette production remains the same as it has been.  Allocation numbers given to dealers are still based upon  2018 – 2021 calendar year sales (36 month sales history). “2022 will start in July” so this is the final allocation cycle for 2021 Corvette model year.

2022 Corvette Changes

So far, not a lot has been revealed about changes to the 2022 Corvette other than a few new paint colors and a new low-wing spoiler option for non-Z51 equipped Corvettes.

From what we’ve heard through the rumor mill, more upgrades are not out of the question, but the Corvette Team was mostly “mum” during their Zoom presentation at the National Corvette Museum’s annual bash a couple weeks ago on what we could expect for the new model year.

Personally, I still stand by our best guestimate here at the Corvette Action Center – 2021 production will continue through the month of August with 2022 Corvette production starting just after Labor Day.

It will be interesting to see if we’re right!

Chime in with your thoughts in the forums!

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