[PICS] First Photos of a Silver Flare 2021 Corvette Sold Order

As we first reported a few days ago, the first 2021 Corvette sold order in Silver Flare Metallic was built on December 14th.

After a couple of days of touch and go trying to figure out when Adam Ellison’s Corvette would be delivered, Adam was able to pick his Silver Flare Corvette up at the National Corvette Museum.

We tracked Adam’s Corvette through the build process the last few days which continued to show that he was sitting at status 3800 – PRODUCED, but no indication that it had been shipped.  Adam found out from the Corvette Concierge that his Corvette was in fact at 4000.

Apparently, the Corvette Concierge is able to acquire more accurate Corvette status code information that Chevy dealers can through GM’s own Global Connect System.

Regardless, Adam is one happy camper and it’s definitely going to be an awesome Christmas for him.

Congratulations Adam!!

Unfortunately, it was overcast this afternoon when Adam picked up the car, so we don’t have any photos of the car in direct sunlight.  However, one of the things we noticed is that depending on the angle and the lighting, the Silver Flare color almost looks pearlescent.  It will be interesting to get some close-up photos of the car once it’s in direct sunlight.

For now, click on the photos below for a larger view:

Photos:  Adam Ellison

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