Here’s a Look at the New Amplify Orange for the 2022 Corvette

2022 Corvette in Amplify Orange Tintcoat

Other than a few marketing photos from GM, we really haven’t seen many detailed photos of the new Amplify Orange Tintcoat (RPO GC5) color for the 2022 Corvette.

Yesterday, GM held a job fair at a Greenwood shopping mall in Lexington, Kentucky.  To attract more visitors, they brought a pre-production 2022 Corvette dressed in the new color.

“This is the first mid-engine Corvette ever built, which has been long anticipated by car enthusiasts for a long time, brand new color with the amplify orange. So we’ll see how that one goes, for sure. I think people are excited to see it. And I think it really draws people into what we’re doing at Bowling Green assembly,” said Eric Farmer, HR/Labor Relations Director at General Motors. “Very awesome car to build, but it’s really very fun to drive to so. And that’s why we hope to sell a lot of them and really keep a lot of people employed here in the bowling green community.”

If you’re interested in a career with General Motors, click here.

Amplify Orange, which is replacing the Sebring Orange Metallic color we’ve seen the last few years, is one of three new colors for the 2022 Corvette model year.  The color is a flat, non-metallic orange that will be a $995 option on the car.

Source:  WBKO

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