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GM Orders Dealers in Australia to Refund Corvette Deposits

by Rob LoszewskiRob Loszewski
Right-Hand Drive 2021 Corvette Stingray

Given all of the production issues with the 2020 Corvette that we’ve seen this year, it’s not surprising the latest bad news now comes from the land down under.

The GM Special Vehicles team had contacted potential buyers for the Corvette letting them know that the Aussie version would be introduced late in the fourth quarter of this year.  However that has now changed

Those potential buyers have now been notified by the GMSV team that they should get their deposits back from Holden dealers if they placed an order.   As per that notification:

“We understand that some customers may have already placed deposits with Holden dealers. Unfortunately, deposits will not guarantee your purchase of a Corvette when they arrive towards the end of next year and we recommended that all dealers to refund these deposits [sic], while we finalise the ordering process,”

Right-Hand Drive 2021 Corvette StingrayHistorically, GM gauged interest in one of their products by the number of orders placed through the dealer network.  Now, the only way for them to get an idea of that level of interest is by getting people to register/reserve their spot on the GMSV website similar to what GM did here in the States when they unveiled the 2020 Corvette last year.

It was only a few weeks ago when GM confirmed that they were testing right-hand drive 2021 Corvettes and GMSV teased a couple images of it on their Instagram account.

Like some customers here, it looks like Australian customers will be waiting at least a year for their new Corvette.

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