First Production-Based 2021 Corvette Gets Delivered at the NCM

A couple weeks ago, the first production-based 2021 Corvette rolled off the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly line and today was delivered to its new owner at the National Corvette Museum.

Brian M. Bowling is the proud owner of 2021 Corvette Serial #M5100001; a beautiful Torch Red Z51 coupe with carbon flash racing stripes and hash marks.

Brian’s history with the C8 Corvette is interesting in that he originally had a 2020 Corvette that unfortunately, didn’t last long.  With just 500 miles on the odometer, Brian was getting on a highway when the car started to leak oil and eventually caught on fire.

Thankfully, GM stepped up to the plate, and Brian is now the proud owner of the very first 2021 regular production Corvette to come off the line.

Congratulations Brian and enjoy your new ride!!

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