Chevy Raises the Starting Price of the 2024 Corvette

Overnight, Chevy dealers were notified by GM that the starting price and specific option pricing for the 2024 Corvette was going up effective yesterday, October 2nd.

According to the notice:

Chevrolet Interim — Effective October 2, 2023

CHEVROLET is announcing revised prices effective for vehicles produced on or after October 02, 2023.  This revision affects Base Model Prices, DFC, and specific options for 2024 MY CORVETTE.  Dealer invoice amounts will increase accordingly.  Dealer discounts remain unchanged.

Dealer price schedules will be available in GlobalConnect effective October 02, 2023.

Retail sold order price protection eligibility dates are dictated by the customer and dealer order dates as follows:

-Customer order date must be prior to the date of the price increase.

-GM systems order date (date dealer enters in GM system) must be no more than one workday after date of the price increase.

These units will be invoiced at prices in effect at the date of production; however, the dealer open account will automatically be credited for the price increase once the unit has been delivered.

What Does This Mean for Customers with Deposits for a 2024 Corvette?

Orders that were placed  and sitting in GM’s Order Work Bench system at status 1100, should be safe from the price increase.

Since dealers were notified overnight, and the effective date is October 2nd, dealers will be unable to submit orders for the 2024 Corvette without being subject to the price increase, going forward.

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Ray Toohey November 8, 2023 - 8:35 pm
I have a customer who’s Grandfather built the very first corvette I have photos He wax’s the production superintendent at the corvette plant The photo shows him and the chief designer in the first corvette Ray Toohey 727-643-3921
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