Chevrolet Releases Updated Pricing for the 2021 Corvette

Official pricing of the 2021 Corvette now includes the $1,000 price increase announced by Chevrolet

Just after midnight, Chevrolet updated their 2021 Corvette pricing showing the $1,000 increase that we announced last Friday morning.

While it’s rare that I’ll make it a point to post an editorial here, after what I read last night, I felt compelled to do so.

A blogging site that proclaims themselves to be an “authority” on all things GM announced yesterday that contrary to other publications reporting that the price increase would affect all trim levels, GM hadn’t announced what the updated price would be or what trim levels it would affect.  THAT IS WRONG.

We announced it Friday as shown below, and it was published by all the other media outlets shortly after:

Model 1LT – Old 1LT – New 2LT – Old 2LT – New 3LT – Old 3LT – New
Stingray Coupe: $59,995.00 $60,995.00 $67,295.00 $68,295.00 $71,945.00 $72,945.00
Stingray Convertible: $67,495.00 $68,495.00 $74,295.00 $75,295.00 $78,945.00 $79,945.00

There was enough confusion going on the last five days between dealers, GM and customers without having some blog site proclaim fact – that isn’t fact.

While we may not be the “busiest” Corvette news outlet here, we do try to publish FACT and CITE our sources as much as possible.

We try not to regurgitate the same “stuff” that all the blogging sites are posting just for the sake of posting it unless we have something of substance to add to it.

Suggestion:  if you’re going to proclaim yourself an “authority” and denounce other news outlets, make sure you have your facts straight before you publish them…

Below is the OFFICIAL pricing for the 2021 Corvette released FROM CHEVROLET:


Base Model Prices

Model Model Description MSRP(c) DFC
1YC07 Corvette Stingray Coupe 1LT $59,900.00 $1,095.00
1YC07 Corvette Stingray Coupe 2LT $67,200.00 $1,095.00
1YC67 Corvette Stingray Convertible 1LT $67,400.00 $1,095.00
1YC07 Corvette Stingray Coupe 3LT $71,850.00 $1,095.00
1YC67 Corvette Stingray Convertible 2LT $74,200.00 $1,095.00
1YC67 Corvette Stingray Convertible 3LT $78,850.00 $1,095.00

Additional Options

Option Code Description MSRP(c)
BV4 Personalized Plaque w/Name and VIN $200.00
D30 Color Combination Override $590.00
E60 Front Lift Adjustable Height with Memory 2LT or 3LT $1,995.00
PIN Customer Selectable VIN $5,000.00
R6X Custom Interior Trim and Seat Combination Override 3LT Only $590.00
R8C Corvette Museum Delivery $995.00
ERI Battery Protection Package $100.00
J6E Yellow Painted Brake Calipers $595.00
J6F Bright Red Painted Brake Calipers $595.00
J6N Edge Red Painted Brake Calipers $595.00
Convertible Top:
D84 Carbon Flash Painted Nacelles and Roof Convertible Only $1,295.00
D86 Carbon Flash Painted Nacelles and Body-Color Roof Convertible Only $1,295.00
Dealer Installed:
5DF 5-Trident Spoke Black Painted Aluminum Wheels $2,895.00
5DG 5-Open Spoke Performance Pewter Painted Aluminum Wheels $2,695.00
5JR Outside Mirror Covers in Visible Carbon Fiber Includes Carbon Flash Metallic-Painted Outside Mirrors $1,245.00
5ZC Jake Logo Wheel Center Caps $250.00
5ZD Carbon Flash Center Caps w/Crossed Flags $250.00
CAV Contoured Cargo Area Liners with Jake Logo $145.00
PDV Stingray R Appearance Package $695.00
PDY Roadside Safety Package Includes First Aid Kit and Highway Safety Kit $175.00
RCC Engine Cover in Edge Red $525.00
RCD Engine Cover in Sterling Silver $525.00
RIA All-weather floor liners with Jake logo $205.00
RIK Rear Corvette Script, Painted in Torch Red $395.00
RIN Rear Corvette Script, Painted in Arctic White $395.00
RNX Premium Outdoor Car Cover in Black with Stingray Logo and Access Panels $460.00
RWH Premium Indoor Car Cover in Black with Crossed Flags Logo $460.00
RWJ Premium Outdoor Car Cover in Black with Crossed Flags Logo and Corvette Silhouette $460.00
RWU Collapsible Cargo Area Organizer $160.00
RXH Wheel Center Caps in Silver with Stingray Logo and Red Outline $250.00
RXJ Wheel Center Caps in Black with Gray Stingray Logo $250.00
RYT First Aid Kit $55.00
RZ9 Visible Carbon Fiber Grille Insert $2,095.00
S08 Highway Safety Kit $130.00
S2L Set of Premium Leather Weekend Travel Bags $1,450.00
SB7 Corvette Racing Themed Graphics $495.00
SC7 Roof Panel Storage Pouch $160.00
SFE Wheel Locks $95.00
SHQ Fender Hash Stripes, Silver with Carbon Flash Metallic Accent $245.00
SHW Fender Hash Stripes, Carbon Flash Metallic with Edge Red Accent $245.00
SL1 Premium Indoor Car Cover in Red with Stingray Logo $460.00
SL8 Rear Corvette Script, Painted in Elkhart Lake Blue $395.00
SNG Fender Hash Stripes, Edge Red with Carbon Flash Metallic Accent $245.00
SPY Black Lug Nuts $225.00
SPZ Black Wheel Locks $120.00
SQU Ultra-High Security Chrome Wheel Locks $105.00
STI Rocker Panel Extensions – Black $550.00
VQK Splash Guards in Black $250.00
VST Illuminated Sill Plates with Stingray Logo $345.00
VTB Rear Fascia/Roof Storage Protector in Black with Crossed Flag Logo $135.00
VWD Stingray R Themed Center Caps $250.00
VYW Premium Carpeted Floor Mats $235.00
W2D Cargo Net Set $110.00
WKQ Premium Indoor Car Cover in Black with Crossed Flags Logo and Access Panels $460.00
WKR Premium Indoor Car Cover, Fully Rendered C8R $1,195.00
Exhaust Systems:
NPP Performance Exhaust Std in Z51 $1,195.00
Exterior Appearance:
EFA Shadow Gray Exterior Accents $995.00
EFY Body Color Exterior Accents $995.00
EYK Chrome Exterior Badge Package $100.00
ZYC Carbon Flash Metallic Painted Outside Mirrors Includes Carbon Flash Metallic Painted Spoiler When Z51 is Ordered $100.00
ZZ3 Engine Appearance Package Coupe Only $995.00
Front License Plate Bracket:
VK3 Front License Plate Bracket &R7E $15.00
Interior Trim:
36S Yellow Custom Leather Stitch 3LT only. Requires Jet Black Interior $395.00
379 Orange Seat Belts $395.00
38S Adrenaline Red Custom Leather Stitch 3LT only $395.00
3A9 Tension Blue Seat Belts Std with HTO Interior $395.00
3F9 Torch Red Seat Belts $395.00
3M9 Yellow Seat Belts Std with HT7 and HFC interiors $395.00
3N9 Tan Seat Belts Std with HZN and HUF Interiors $395.00
FA5 Carbon Fiber Cluster-Surround and Console, Door Switch Plates 2LT or 3LT $1,500.00
N26 Sueded Microfiber-Wrapped Steering Wheel $595.00
TU7 Two-Tone Seats 2LT or 3LT $395.00
Navigation Equipment:
IOT Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Premium System with Navigation and Performance Data Recorder Std on 2LT and 3LT $1,795.00
G26 Sebring Orange Tintcoat $995.00
GD0 Accelerate Yellow Metallic $500.00
GMO Rapid Blue $500.00
GPH Red Mist Metallic Tintcoat $995.00
Performance Package:
Z51 Z51 Performance Package $5,995.00
Roof Panels:
C2M Carbon Fiber Dual Roof Package $3,495.00
C2Q Body Color Dual Roof Package $1,995.00
C2Z Visible Carbon Fiber Removable Roof Panel with Body Color Surround $2,495.00
CC3 Transparent Removable Roof Panel $995.00
AE4 Competition Sport Bucket Seats 3LT Only $500.00
AE4 Competition Sport Bucket Seats 1LT Only $995.00
AE4 Competition Sport Bucket Seats 2LT Only $1,995.00
AH2 GT2 Bucket Seats 2LT Only; Std on 3LT $1,495.00
Stripe Packages:
DSY Orange Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package $995.00
DSZ Red Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package $995.00
DT0 Yellow Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package $995.00
DTH Carbon Flash Metallic Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package $995.00
DUB Sterling Silver Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package $995.00
DUW Blue Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package $995.00
DX0 Midnight Gray Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package $995.00
DZU Carbon Flash/Edge Yellow Stinger Stripe $500.00
DZV Carbon Flash/Midnight Silver Stinger Stripe $500.00
DZX Carbon Flash/Edge Red Stinger Stripe $500.00
Suspension Packages:
FE2 Magnetic Selective Ride Control Suspension W/O Z51 $1,895.00
FE4 Z51 Performance Suspension with Magnetic Ride Control Requires Z51 $1,895.00
Q8Q Carbon Flash Painted Aluminum Wheels with Machined Edge $995.00
Q8S 5-Trident Spoke Machined Face Sterling Silver Painted Aluminum Wheels $1,495.00
Q8T 5-Trident Spoke Machined Face Spectra Gray Painted Aluminum Wheels $1,495.00

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