Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant Resumes 2021 Corvette Production

Corvette production resumed today at the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant but without the second shift

Chevrolet has confirmed with the Corvette Action Center that 2021 Corvette production did resume today at the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant starting with the first shift.  However, the second shift for today has been canceled due to the arctic blast and dangerous weather conditions affecting the heartland of the country.

They did start up this morning on 1st but 2nd shift was canceled due to the impacts of winter weather. While normal operations are planned for tomorrow, we’re going to continue to monitor the weather.

After being closed for two weeks due to a parts shortage related to aluminum structural components and transmission casings, 2021 Corvette production resumed bright and early today.

As of this writing, a major winter storm is expected to cross the State of Kentucky starting later today and into tomorrow with moderate to heavy snow and sleet expected.

A winter storm warning is currently in effect for the region up until 1:00 pm on Tuesday.

We’ll continue to post any updates if and when they become available to us.

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