General Motors FilesTrademark for “ZR1” – New High Performance Corvette Coming?

General Motors FilesTrademark for "ZR1" - New High Performance Corvette Coming?

Last week Car and Driver magazine shed some new light on the much-rumored mid-engine Corvette that is supposedly in development at an Area 51-like hangar within GM’s Milford proving grounds.  We posted a couple hypotheses about what GM could be developing.

One belief is that the C7 Corvette generation will go out with a bang by releasing a high performance model called the “ZR1”.  The other belief is that the mid-engine Corvette currently under development could either be called the “ZR1”, or the “Zora” in honor of the Corvette’s first Chief Engineer, Zora Arkus-Duntov.

The same day we posted our hypotheses here on the Corvette Action Center, GM filed the “ZR1” trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

ZR1 Trademark filed by GM

GM’s May 16th, 2016 application is assigned serial number 87038207 and specifies that the mark will be used for “Motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles”.

Just because GM trademarks a name, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll come out with a product using that name.  However, given all the rumors floating around about a high performance Corvette coming called the “ZR1” and the fact that the name ZR1 and ZR-1 has been used a few times before, we can only surmise that the rumors may be gaining some truth!

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